inkeytalk is an ongoing weekly idea sharing event that hosted and presented by inkey since 2018. It focusing on everything that inspire creative and design practice within / beyond the inkey design team.

As a secondary brand of inkey, it follows the primary color “bluish violet“ of inkey to make the audience easier to recognize the relationships within the branidng system of inkey. We choose to use the two strokes to represent the meaning of “talk” and “disseminating” directly. In short, the identity is designed to be simple and clear, and to contribute a symbol as a consistent visual form for layouts.

Project completed at inkey.
“inkeytalk 摩匙说“ 是由 inkey 发起的每周进行的分享沙龙活动,包括 inkey 设计师和外部嘉宾等在内都能够自由的在活动中分享那些能够启发创意与设计的各种观点与内容。

作为 inkey 旗下对外推广的子品牌,inkeytalk 的识别形象沿用了 inkey 的蓝紫色,在最具感染力的色彩氛围方面帮助观众迅速辨别两者之间的关联。除了体现主次品牌之间的关联之外,通过极为干净的两条线条组成的开放造型直接回应了 inkeytalk 名称与含义中“说“与“传播“的意象。简而言之,识别形象的整体目标是尝试达到简单有效并且清晰直接,并为活动海报的版面提供了一个既能够参与互动又不过于影响画面的一以贯之的固定视觉形式。

完成且持续进行于 inkey

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