Visual identity design and art direction for digital & interactive practice collactive that founded by new media artist & designer Yun Hong. 

Gathering the academic experience from Central Academy of Fine Arts and Rhode Island School of Design between China and the US, Hong founded The Volume with the core focus on exploring the concept of “Open Air”, “Embedded Air”, and “Closed Air” among the realm of Public Space, Architecture, and Exhibition in both commercial and academic context.
为新媒体与交互艺术设计团体 The Volume 进行的品牌指导、视觉识别设计及艺术指导。

凭借自己在中央美术学院与罗德岛设计学院的中国与美国两地所获的学术与实践经验,团体的创办人洪昀设立 The Volume 以经由数字媒体创造城市空间中的密度。并以“公共空间”、“建筑空间”和“展览空间”三种空间尺度讨论“开放气氛”、“嵌入气氛”与“封闭气氛”的艺术介入空间并与人互动的概念与影响。

The typeface used in the identity addresses three sectors: digital medium, connection, and the volume in space. The color palette is inspired from the scitific graphs of ‘volume’ to depict a hybrid of rational, emotional, and futuristic feelings.

According to the tagline “Making air tangible”, the layouts are set in a pure typographic method to mimic the different types of spread density in space.

这套视觉识别中使用的字型试图回应 The Volume 实践中的三个特质:数字媒介、连结、空间体量。而在色彩的选用上则受到科学领域中对 volume(体量/体积)图表化表达的常用元素的启发,以此转译为对杂糅了理性、感性、未来感的实践特质视觉呈现。与此同时,为了回应 The Volume “Making air tangible(让空气可见)”的理念,所有的版面通过以理性且纯粹文字设计的方式制造一种在空间中散播开来的“密度”,呈现出 The Volume 团队实践中在感性表达背后极具理性的思考与数字化制造。

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