DUAN Zhihua

Zhihua is a Shanghai-based graphic designer and art director, Founding Partner & Design Principal of Pocca. He holds an MDes in Design from Monash University Art Design & Architecture, and received the Certificate of Artist Book Training from RMIT University and Certificate of Editorial Design from Porto Design Summer School 2017. He is a professional member of AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association), Shanghai Art Director Club, and The Type Directors Club (New York). He was invited as guest speaker at Red Dot Award Exhibition in Shanghai; was given 2021 ACAA Award for Arts and Creative Industries. He has exhibited his work internationally in Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Melbourne, Vilnius, Moscow, Shenzhen, and Porto. His works have been featured in publications from Internationally renowned publishers Gestalten, Niggli, and Victionary.

艺术指导、设计师,Pocca 联合创办人及设计主理。澳大利亚莫纳什大学艺术设计与建筑学院传达与跨学科设计荣誉硕士,在皇家墨尔本理工大学进行过“艺术家书”的研修,在“波尔图设计之夏”参与过编辑设计的研修。澳大利亚平面设计协会专业会员、上海艺术指导俱乐部会员、纽约字体指导俱乐部会员。曾受邀作为红点设计奖上海站展览演讲嘉宾,被授予澳大利亚中国校友协会艺术与创意领域 2021 年度荣誉奖。作品曾获奖并参展于上海、北京、纽约、东京、首尔、柏林、墨尔本、维尔纽斯、莫斯科、波尔图等地,并被 Gestalten(柏林)、Eps51(柏林)、niggli (瑞士)、Victionary(香港)和 BranD 等知名设计出版商策划的专业出版物所收录。

Email: zhihua.duan@pocca.design

Scoreface was conducted as a MFA studio project in Master of Design at Monash University Art Design & Architecture. The objective of this project is to generate different music symbols and music fonts (that are named as SCOREFACE) towards different music genres. The idea of this project is just like what typeface design does for different literacy contexts. In the first stage, I finished music typeface prototype design of 3 different directions which response to 3 music genres: general modern music (Hodern), electronic music (VOI), and experimental music (Fentch). In the final stage, two of them (Hodern and Fentch) were chose to be expanded and developed into more completed set of music symbols, in which each of the directions contains 200+ characters.

The final output of this project contains 2 sets of music typeface design, a research exegesis book, an exhibition, and other printed and digital items.

The showcase videos of both the first stage and the second stage are available on vimeo.com/duanzhihua
SCOREFACE 是在 Monash 大學藝術設計與建築學院的傳達與跨學科設計碩士項目中進行的終期工作室課題。研究與設計針對主流音樂記譜法『五線譜』,借鑑拉丁字體設計的方法,通過以迴應不同風格或流派的音樂為方向,對五線譜中使用的音樂字符進行不同視覺格調的字體設計。第一階段中完成了三套分別針對現代音樂(Hodern)、電子流行樂(VOI)以及實驗先鋒音樂(Fentch)的音樂字體樣本和方向探索;第二階段最終挑選了 Hodern 和 Fentch 兩個方向,擴展成為各自包含 200 個左右常用字符的兩套音樂字體設計。