OXO GROUP was established as The Loft New Media Art Space and The Loft Food and Beverage Management Company in Beijing in 1999, which had become a cornerstone of the whole Sanlitun culture in China and was rated by media as one of the "50 Key Moments of Chinese Contemporary Art History”. Since 2008, the group focused its development on the transformation and upgrade of public space and facilities with an unique approach of integrating art and technology. With over 20 years of experience in creative design, development, operations and management of commercial real estate as well as large-scale art and culture projects. In 2014, the group become the very first airport art media operator in China.

During this project, we redesign the corporate identity and the fundamental visual system. Based on the new identity that we were working with, we also applying the visual system to the group’s daily works step by step through collaborating with the staffs of OXO. Art direction for the environmental graphics of the future complex space, promotional visuals for OXO Art Center and its Art Shops, and other branding related materials are also designed or controled under the new identity.

Art director: DUAN Zhihua
Designer: DUAN Zhihua, LI Huiting, SUN Mengjia

Time: 2018
奧所集團(OXO GROUP)始創于1999年,旗下擁有包括文化創意、商業運營、金融投資、廣告傳媒、科技創新等五大業務板塊,主要經營業務範圍涵蓋創意地産開發、藝術策劃與創意、廣告媒體開發經營、會展會議場館運營、科技類項目研發、另類資産管理等。集團旗下品牌“藏酷文化”創立于1999年,是中國最先探索文化藝術與娛樂跨界合作的先驅引領者,該業務的成功運營曾帶動並影響了北京三裏屯時尚娛樂文化的創立與發展;“藏酷新媒體藝術空間”創立于2000年,現已被載入中國當代藝術史,並被媒體評爲“影響中國當代藝術進程的50個關鍵時刻之第37名”。

2017年,集團旗下商業運營事業部與上海虹橋綜合交通樞紐運營中心合作開發OXO CITY(奧所未來城),項目選址于原虹橋樞紐磁懸浮大廈(體量約12萬平米,共9層),結合交通樞紐的特殊功能及巨大人流,打造融合藝術、科技、未來生活方式,全方位整合線下實體場景與線上虛擬場景(OMO)的壹站式樞紐體驗空間。該項目將于2019年底全面開業。


藝術指導:DUAN Zhihua
設計師:DUAN Zhihua、LI Huiting、SUN Mengjia


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