Duan Zhihua

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No creativity. Dare not to design. / Creativity is just connecting things. / No blending.

Ⓒ 2015–2022.

The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)

Visual Transformation for Musical 'NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS'

By analyzing the different style of music and the rhythm of the speci c to each character, gure, tonality, etc., the selection of appro- priate “lines”, “block face” as on the visual elements such as the transformation of language, through the selection to the vi- sual language constitute a different arrange- ment in abstract expresses the original play music temperament and the characters of the foil relationship.

Selected in GOLDEN BEE Global Biennale of Graphic Design 2016