A circle is a seemingly simple, but unique shape. During the Chinese Han Dynasty, there goes a saying, “round heaven and square earth”which means under the round sky there lies an endless square piece of land.The circle stand as a symbol for the nature and the universe while the square stands as a symbol for the abstract human being’s behavior.

According to psychologist C.G.Jung,people can use different shapes such as the circle,square,cross and spiral to express emotional feelings. Russian psychologist P.I.Lazarev experimented by using sound stimulation to pro- duce residual images. The residual images will gradually change between a circle and square, depending on the sound wave’s frequency is intensi- ed, the residual image will begin to look more like a square whereas if

a sound’s wave frequency is lessened, the residual image will begin to look more like a circle. Thus,the circle is a very pure , natural and original shape that occurs in the beginning stages of things until outside factors causes it to change shape into a square.

Date: 2014

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