It is the first-year survival kit handed out as welcome booklet to all MADA (Monash Art Design & Architecture) new students. The booklet provides lots of useful information that help new students engage into their MADA life efficiently. This booklet was produced with a group of MADA first-year bachelor students: Lucy Allinson (Fine Art), Yu-Hsia (Interior Architecture), Liz Luby (Communication Design), Bridget Melville (Communication Design), Reem Monsour (Visual Arts and Literature) in a four-day workshop. It was funded by the Monash University Office of Learning and Teaching as part of the Better Teaching Better Learning agenda.
由 Monash 大學教學部委託,為 Monash 大學藝術設計與建築學院新生生存手冊設計,手冊的內容編寫由一組來自各專業本科一年級的學生在4天的workshop 中共同完成:Lucy Allinson (純藝), Yu-Hsia (室內建築), Liz Luby (傳達設計), Bridget Melville (傳達設計), Reem Monsour (視覺藝術與文學)。

藝術指導/編輯設計:Zhihua Duan
內容創作:Lucy Allinson, Yu-Hsia, Liz Luby, Bridget Melville, Reem Monsour

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