Brand visual identity system refresh for INNWAY that is a Singapore-based brand striving to use technology through innovative ways to help you find things that matter to you. The team of INNWAY use their expertise in hardware and software to create innovative products for empowering their users, and in this way to leverage technology and make their lives less stressful.
为新加坡科技公司 INNWAY TECHNOLOGY 旗下的产品品牌 INNWAY 所进行的品牌视觉形象唤新设计及产品外观设计。INNWAY 致力于用创新的科技帮助人们轻松的搜索和寻找物品。在产品中,INNWAY 团队通过软件与硬件、线上与线下串联的方式将“定位“、“搜寻“与“发现“浓缩在一张纤薄的卡片之中,用一张简洁的卡片协助生活在当代繁杂事物中的人们从找寻物品的压力中解脱。

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