We build visual rhythm through branding and communication design to transform chaotic surroundings into long-lasting and charming episodes.


_ Studio Tempo (Part of inkey)

在上海与墨尔本两地进行实践的平面设计师与艺术指导,澳大利亚 Monash 大学艺术设计与建筑学院传达与跨学科设计荣誉硕士。专注于面对国际化多语言环境进行节制的平面设计、品牌识别、艺术指导、文字与编辑设计及其它充满可能性的设计工作。作品曾获奖并参展于上海、北京、纽约、东京、首尔、柏林、墨尔本、维尔纽斯、莫斯科、波尔图等地,并被 Gestalten(柏林)、Eps51(柏林)、niggli (瑞士)、Victionary(香港)和 BranD 等国际著名艺术与设计出版机构策划的专业出版物所收录。多次受邀出席专业类讲座与活动并担任演讲嘉宾、担任工作坊教学工作。

品牌设计主管 ︎ inkey 摩匙
合作伙伴 / 艺术指导 ︎ Studio Tempo (Part of inkey)
设计研究与策展实践 ︎ Selectionary
Zhihua is a Chinese graphic designer and art director who is working between Shanghai and Melbourne. He holds a MDes in Design from Monash University Art Design & Architecture in Melbourne. He specializes in graphic design, visual identity, art direction, typography, editorial design and more possiblities in a moderato, literary, and multilingual way. He has exhibited his work internationally among Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Melbourne, Vilnius, Moscow, Shenzhen, and Porto. His works have been featured in professional publications that were published by international famous publishers Gestalten, Niggli, Victionary, and BranD. Besides, Zhihua has been also invited as guest speaker for professional design events and workshops.

Current Roles:
Head of Brand Design ︎ inkey
Co-partnership / Art Director ︎ Studio Tempo (Part of inkey)
Design Research & Curating ︎ Selectionary

Current & Past Collaborators:
Kelly Zheng (Co-Partnership, Designer), Zidong Hao (Designer & Digital Artist), Weiyin Wang (Exhibition Assistant), Haoyuan Li (Freelance Art Director), Yifei Wang (Exhibition Assistant) 

Transform Design DesignStar interview 访谈(台湾 / Taiwan)
Featured in Bi-Scriptual Typography and Graphic Design with Multiple Script Systems (published by Niggli)
Featured in HANZI KANJI HANJA (published by Victionary)
Featured in Los Logos 8 (published by Gestalten)
MDes degree showcase at Monash University Art Design & Architecture

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