Visual identity design for ARIA that is a professional team dedicated to art industry on art consulting, marketing, and event planning.

The customized bilingual typefaces are introduced as the core type-based identity to convey the artistic and humanistic feelings to their audience. The word “ARIA”, in music, also means a self-contained piece for one voice, with or without instrumental or orchestral accompaniment, normally part of a larger work, which is proper to identify the practices that ARIA is doing within the art industry and to describe the team who has their special and consistant personality. Based on this artistic rhetoric, a triangle and radial line is also introduced into the identity system as the seconday elements to mimic the situation of full of ‘crescendos’ and ‘diminuendos’.
ARIA 跃然艺术是一个专注于艺术咨询、艺术市场以及艺术活动策划和资源整合的专业团队,创始团队具有丰富的国际化学习与工作背景,该项目中,我们为其品牌完成了视觉识别设计的阶段性工作。

我们为品牌定制了中英文双语字型作为核心识别,以传递出品牌需要对其客户及合作伙伴呈现的艺术化和人文感的气息。此外,我们惊喜的发现品牌的英文名称 ARIA 在英文中同时亦在音乐中意指“咏叹调”,这一延伸意却也恰到好处的形容出了ARIA 作为一个专业且极具个性的艺术团队需要向公众呈现的灵活、独特、具有自我特质的专业态度。因此,基于这一来自于音乐上的修辞意象,呈三角形放射状的线条元素被引入视觉识别的系统之中作为辅助的次级识别元素以及版面构成的样式基础。形似音乐中“渐强”记号的线条,既为品牌增添了愈来愈好的美好祝愿,亦在某种程度上象征了充满呼吸与韵律、充满纷繁变幻的艺术世界以及 ARIA 自身多元化的业务实践。

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